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Fire wall dampers
Rapid disassembly joints
etc ...

Germain & Frère
also offers rugged, ready-to-use prefabricated products at its plant, such as:

ultra-durable industrial ventilation units
high performance industrial air conditioning units
glycol recirculation units
linear, axial or tangential droplet separators
air/air or air/water heat exchangers and economizers
galvanized, aluminum or stainless steel sound-proof booths
round or rectangular heavy-duty industrial dampers, of various materials, for use in high-temperature environments
pressurization and chemical purification systems

Short turnaround time delivery and all at competitive prices!

Don’t hesitate to ask us for a bid.


Some exemples of prefabricated products
Glycol heating unit
Axial Demister System
Heavy Duty Cooling Unit
Cyclonic Separator
Custom Wet Separator
High Capacity HVAC Roof Unit

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